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We are NOT a non-profit organization, and do not represent one. To successfully run our Books By Veterans Program, we are seeking donations to help support our book writing and publishing service. We provide services to Service Members, Veterans, and those with financial hardship, by publishing their books and artwork for FREE.

Books By Veterans is a program that specializes in publishing, promoting, and marketing books written by U.S. Military Veterans.


The Books By Veterans Program was founded in 2008 by Alexander Prezioso, a U.S. Army Combat Veteran & his wife Bree Ann Prezioso, who is a school psychologist. Upon Alex's return home from a deployment to Iraq, the formation of the program was inspired by Alex & Bree's desire to publish their own children's books based on their childhood.

The vision of Books By Veterans is to help veterans and their families express themselves artistically through art & literature, as a way to help them recover from traumatic experiences.

Funds are utilized to cover Alex's books, in addition to the overhead costs required to provide free services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Copyright submissions fees

  • Acquiring licenses for the use of graphic art

  • Paid services to editors and artists

  • Website Fees & Costs

  • Donate published books to those in need, including educational, veteran, and non-profit organizations


The more funds we receive, the more people WE can help, and the more books we can publish!


Any amount donated will be greatly appreciated!


Where to Donate

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